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Friday, October 21, 2005

Photos et al

I believe pics can be uploaded. So here's two favourites of mine from the recent Goa trip.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


It's been a month since I have opened my blog and decided to type in a word. At this rate, I will soon forget not just my password but also my username. Well, but no use going on about being very irregular, though I do have an excuse...and that magical excuse is Goa. Of the month that I have mention, 7 days of it was spent away from Hyderabad, 3 In Bangalore and 4 in Goa. The idea of beign away from everything in a place, where no one really cares did wonders for me and especially for my appetite. Three cheers for the Goan fish curry.

The Goan sunset is a pleasure to watch. and this time I had the opportunity of seeing it in all its glory as I spent 7 hours at the beach just staring at the sky. Did I mention a dolphin I spotted ? For free.. An added pleasure. Now I am back rested, yet restless to go back. Here's to Goa. :-)