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Monday, December 07, 2015

Book Review : 'The Magic of the Lost Temple' by Sudha Murty

I was delighted when I got this book. Sudha Murty’s ‘The Magic of the Lost Temple’ was indeed, something which I can call my own, finally. It has been a long time, since I read anything similar. 

It starts off with little Nooni, not getting a chance to do the usual holiday and camping, that summer. But, instead she gets a chance to go step into her grandparents’ village in Karnataka. Her father reluctantly drops her there, because he never enjoyed the village and he really does not expect her to either.

But he dropped off the wrong person there, because the tomboyish Nooni gets into the entire humdrum with ease. She enjoys the old papad making, as much as she enjoys riding the cycle, and the awesome picnicking. She also loves the company of her grandparents and cousins, but what gets her truly excited was the story, which her grandmother told her.

The story is of an old stepwell, which apparently was created by some celestial architect and was used by celestial maidens, and now was lost to the village. The king of Somanahalli saw the whole thing happen. But her grandfather tells it in a different way, when he tells Nooni of how the king of Somanahalli discovered an architect, who had plans of building the stepwell. What happened to it and how it went missing in the old forest, are all there for the readers to discover.

The best things in the book include the papad making, the old hair oiling and
Sudha Murty
shampooing, and how Nooni helps with a pregnant cow, among many things. We also have the historical story, which she is told about by her grandparents and even doing something for the community! The adventurous and brave Nooni manages to have the summer holiday of a lifetime. And actually ends up making her father love the old village, all over again.

The illustrations in the book by Priyankar Gupta are brilliant and the story itself is a vivid and wonderful one. Not only is it simple enough for children to understand and enjoy but it also has a sense of humour and mystery to make it cool enough for everyone to read. 

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