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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nosey nostalgia

I went back to Bangalore again. Yes, again! Its a place I treasure, though I spent only 2 years there. Traffic be damned, its beautiful, its the place I grew up in. And continue to grow up in. Everytime I go back I realise something new about myself, I feel liberated, free to think as I am to move. I go back, when I am very happy or very sad. This time it was mixed feelings, going to start another year with lessons learnt, chapters forgotten.

I went back to college, me and coupla friends, sat on the stairs, had a cup of strong coffee, served by the erstwhile Simon who was odd job man at hostel.. and thinking to ourselves..what's changed? Same stairs, Same rain, Same friends, wondering what we we are gonna do next, waiting for rain to stop, waiting for abhi to come. Its beautiful, could life be this peaceful always? We cribbed of all that, but thats what we laugh most at ..and so here's to life. Why nostalgic? bdays coming up idiot!! Nostalgia comes into life, finds out more and goes away packed with memories. and thats why tis nosey!! There! I've explained the subject line.