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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

View from the Top

I was wondering while looking at the view today. Pinks, greens, blues dotted with whites and oranges. Lovely colours clashing with garish. Also, little houses they seemed, some built Indian style, a few Chinese and a few others, just built to provide shade.

How lucky, I thought. To be under the shade, in this hot, hot sun. It spread my view, to the beyond, into other worlds, it seemed. Underworld, I wondered, and upperworld I was told.
But am wondering if they go beyond this. If they are always stuck deep down in the mud and the dirt? Never to go anywhere. Never to be thought about again. How lucky I wondered, never to be asked a question again, never to be told off.

But then, I knew deep down that I would not be the same again, if I wasn't asked a question, or told off, or yelled at. Because then, life such as it is would cease to exist for me and I would be left staring at the dead, at the graveyard. Never to return, never to stay.