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Friday, December 02, 2016

Author Interview : Atlas Anderson, author of 'Surviving the Improbable Quest'

Anderson Atlas
Read up, Interview with Atlas Anderson, author of 'Surviving the Improbable Quest. In this Interview, he tells us, how the entire book came about, how he relates the lives of his main character to lives today, the most challenging part of the story, what he thought was different about his book, the next book he has planned, an author he takes inspiration from and much more, Folks…

How did ‘Surviving the Improbable Quest’ happen? What is the research that has gone into it? 

The story came about because of a friend’s car accident. When something happens to a friend, it sometimes shines the light on us. I wondered how I would get around if I lost the use of my legs.

This led to some interesting research because I’d never known a paraplegic. They have ways of crawling, scooting and even climbing up stairs. It is not easy, but doable. Many of the paraplegics I spoke with were such strong people.

So, as a story teller, I wondered if they were always that strong. How did they overcome their challenges? The story started to come together. 

How do you think your book, ‘Surviving the Improbable Quest’ is different from everyone else’s? 

Not many books have a ten paraplegic hero and if they do, the character sure didn’t travel the universe and save millions from the dark creature, Jibbawk. 

How would you relate the life of Allan to the lives today? Any similarities? 

Most of the readers of this book have a disability in some way. They find encouragement, a bit of hope and serious entertainment with someone they can identify with.

I’ve gotten some great feedback.

Any challenges you had to face, while writing this particular book?

I had to move my character without his wheelchair. That was a HUGE bit of creative work and turned my brain into a salty pretzel. 

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book?

 I really like to see how the message affects people. It’s a hero’s story and it really shows.

What are you planning on writing next? When would you see that released?

There is a Book 2, 'Return to Lan Darr', it ratchets up the excitement and the adventure. This time, Allan has a really powerful wheelchair and he goes all over. That is out now.

And Book 3, 'Shadic Immortal', is in pre-review status. It’s the story of Jibbawk. It’s a bit dark, but that is because it’s all through the eyes of the bad guy. It’s how he came to power and became the monster Allan had to fight.

Is there an author you take inspiration from?
Neil Gaiman - Wikipedia

I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman, so some of my work is similar. I’m also a sci-fi fan and fantasy reader so there are many, many authors I like. When I like one, I tend to try and read everything they write.  

Which book are you reading, currently? 
Brandon Sanderson - Wikipedia

I’m currently reading 'The Way of Kings' by Brandon Sanderson The fantasy is epic and I love a great dive into other worlds.

What do you do on a day to day basis, besides writing stories illustrating for the stories? 

I illustrate other stories. An Amazon search will show you the books I’ve worked on. I also design books, paint, and anything creative I can get my hands on. I’m a freelancer, so I wear many hats.

Check out my website: AndersonAtlas.com!

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