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Monday, November 05, 2018

Book Review : 'Tides don't Cross' by Simar Malhotra

Tides Don’t Cross’ by Simar Malhotra is a book of two women, Rukmani and Mrinalini, who are at different phases of their life. The problems, they might have  are markedly similar, yet they have a difference. They are two sisters, who are quite opposite to each other.

It starts off with their mother, Neelam who is out looking for a suitable match for Mrinalini. Mrinalini, who would agree with everything her mother has to say would end up, giving up the guy, she likes just because her mother would never agree. So, she ends up marrying Surya. With Surya, she ends up living a married life, in which she has a quite a bit of everything, but never is too happy.

Rukmani, who is quite opposite in nature, cannot understand why Mrinalini would give up everything and marry Surya. Anyway, she did have a different plan. Rukamni or Rhea, as she is better known as, ends up going abroad and also, to Paris where she meets with Ayaan. Ayaan, a varsity swimmer, suffers a bad injury and has to momentarily, quit swimming.

Now for the Hindu-Muslim marriage, which comes up eventually. In the meanwhile, Mrinalini who everyone thought was leading a good life has problems which were coming up. Firstly, with her husband dying in an accident and she is kind of blank for the first few days. She picks up with time, when she is working again and loves bringing up her child.

Back to Paris, where Rhea is left to fend for herself, with Ayaan heading back to India too. Ayaan who is in India, ends up teaching the kids to swim in the apartment he lives in and which Mrinalini too, lives in. So, the meeting happens, but they do not know each other as people, who might have been closer. Rhea pops in too, to meet with her sister and nephew.

The stigma that widowed people could carry, the aspects of motherhood, which play a part in our society and eventually the Hindu – Muslim marriage factor, all of these which were going to be a problem, raise their ugly heads in to the love story and or friendship story of the three of them now.

How will they handle all these? How will Ayaan deal with his illness and his love aspect? How will Mrinalini, who probably is in like/love with Ayaan deal with her issues? And how does Rhea, who is in love with Ayaan deal with her story? 

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