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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Old age and me?

Am I allowed to feel old? Well, not much you can do about it, because I do. Are people working sooner, or have I started out late? It's a tough call, because I am so used to being the youngest since my school days, for me, this is a whole new world. Its not a huge issue, but well I can't help thinking about it.
Beat it, cricket players are younger than me. I am way too used to it being the other way round. From oh god , he's too old, its not oh my he's too young. :-)
With my peer group marrying away like there's no tomorrow, and then making babies at the same rate, I have not too many places to run for cover from old age. If my bones ain't creaking, well, my mind definitely is. I think it might even be cracked. Why am I boring you with this? Blame it on old age; senility; there was another word, I've forgotten. ;-)
Until next time...

Monday, August 22, 2005

darling idiot box

Really it is. It is, I'm convinced. I watched tv all day yesterday from 10 am to 11.30 pm. With only a short nap in between. More than 12 hours of just mindless, useless television. The delight... Since I am the loser in all TV watching matches, either with my dad or my grandmother, I am very possessive about the remote control. Luckily, my dad took an outing gifting me a day with the TV.
Best b'day gift this year, albeit very delayed. Watched Hum Tum, for 5 mins of Abhishek Bachchan. Since his Refugee days, he would come on screen, show sparks of brilliance for 5 minutes and then completely goof up. Always thought he'd do it in the end. and now he has what.. 3 hits in a row. And he goofs up for only 5 mins. hmm...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Harry Potter

Are you bored with this topic? Oh well... never mind. I am just copy pasting what I wrote to a friend today on the subject as it seemed to have a point.

I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because, well i felt that the first reading was done with so much eagerness and in such a hurry, that i might have missed subtle points, which made me dislike the book. I have read, re-read and loved all the earlier volumes, so how can i dislike this one so much? Well, we'll find out when i am done. As part of the Harry Potter fever i also bought all the three VCDs of the movies.

I had felt that the directors did not do justice to the book, when i saw them. Of course, this is besides the fact that no movie can match its counterpart in the book. However, now as I watch them again, I must apologise to Mr Chris Columbus, but I think the only thing he did wrong with this one is not do justice to my imagination of the books. I was a shade grander there, several shades, in fact.

But the movie, which has no foundation in my imagination does well for itself. Thought I wish Lupin did not look so funny with his chaplinesque moustache.

So cheers to Harry, Ron and Hermione...and Fluffy and Buckbeak(Witherwings?) and Norbert and Grawp. :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More on the iPod

Just wanted to update the concerned non-readers that my iPod is fine, thank you. Jealous thoughts accusing me of being jealous are doing the rounds. I assure, the battery's fine as is he music. So humming on... Booorn in the USA...I was........ :-) tata

Monday, August 08, 2005


This blog post is informative but it might not be of any interest to you...worse still you mayplug in your iPod. I've gotten a brand new iPod..the iPod Shuffle. Since i've gotten it last week, i've been asked questions about how much space there is on it..and looks of sympathy have been exchanged. Why, you ask? I have only about 512 MB of space on it. "That's it? only 500..thats nothing yaar." I've been told.

In defence, it came free, its tiny, that mean not only does it fit in my jeans pocket, it also fits into the tiny pocket in the pocket.. can i call that a socket? mini pocket perhaps!

anyways, i can load up to 120 songs, to my delight i managed 150 songs, with a good varitey of music, which i have carefully selected.

I think this is more than sufficient, because unless i had absolutely nothing do, would i sit and listen to all the songs at one go... so i'd say for me, this is more than enough...
now happy listening to me and my ipod shuffle
did i mention the iPod mini is bigger than mine...? why's it the mini then?

Friday, August 05, 2005

why blog?

As you can see I am still figuring this one out. I picked the green template because that's my favourite colour. And I am writing because well, that's pretty much my only talent.

By the way, do tummy aches happen because the tummy is upset with you( I have heard people say that, but tummy doesn't have mind of its own, right?) Do you call it an upset stomach or a stomach upset? or Both? Well, I have them all, and if it gets any worse I'll be forced to think the tummy has a mind of its own is indeed upset with me. hmm...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

blogger? me?

How is it for a person who writes everyday, to have writing as a hobby? I mean, what if your job and hobby, both involve writing? Some people would think that's ideal, you do what you like...but when what you do for fun, becomes a routine job, what then?

I guess I will figure this out as I go along. If I can write for work and away from work? Should I write about work? Well, to all writers, then, work or no-work, cheers and lead on...