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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Change! There it is again. Why is it so hard to find? And when we find it, why don’t we like it, not very much at first? Are we too scared? Why are we so hesitant? Why is it all weird and so much done to stop it from happening?

I’ve changed in so many ways, I can’t keep count. I resisted it but it has found me, again, again and yet again. So, I gave in and I have changed. Learnt to like it…learnt to realise it, and learnt to find the many beauties of it…

I have found in the past that whatever change has brought about, it has brought about sanity, perseverance, and most importantly, and weirdly enough, self preservation. Do I like it now? Do I like its many effects and its never ending after effects? Maybe not at first…but I know for sure, I did.

Especially, when I start to realise change, I also realise the silly things change can make you do. Silly? Perhaps to everyone else but not to me, not now. Specially, because this very change has brought me here, saw me through everything, and will see me through this as well.

Change because life is never constant and life should not be, or you may be left standing in the same place, when everybody else, has gone ahead. Resist it, until you find reason enough for you to leave it behind. Trust it, because you know that it could never be wrong…however difficult it may seem at first.

As tomorrow comes we leave yesterday behind, but we have some wonderful memories of it, some happy, some sad, but wonderful all the same. So, change we must. Change. Now.