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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hair cut ya ego cut?

Another trip to the hair salon, another day of bruised egos. I do not think that I have gone even once to have my hair cut and not come back feeling miserable. For me, a hair cut is a huge event, I mentally prepare myself for a week, I tell friends so they can be my moral support too. I usually take a friend along, in case of a nervous break down.
I walk in feeling extremely nervous, and ask politely, in fact almost meekly for a hair cut. The stern looking parlour lady takes me in and says wash her hair!! In the hope of saving a few rupees I swear before the gods that I have indeed washed my hair that very morning. One stern look at my hair is enough to convince me that I haven't done so in a week's time. I follow her to have my hair washed.
Next in the hot seat... I am interrogated! Nervously I take my place, placing my crowning..ahem.. glory (mane more like) in the professional hands of a scissor user. For the next half an hour, she can make or break my fate, confidence and ego. Thumbs twiddling, eyes looking around for a place to hide, in case it gets dangerous.. I meekly spell out what I need. Something different please I say.. Step cut for you. Nothing else will suit your face. (ego brusies begin- she really means, don't expect me to waste my time on ur silly mane)
For the next five minutes I stare at myself in the mirror to scared to move, stiff and embarassed, as she snips away behind my back. When was the last time you got a hair cut? umm.. 3 months ago, You should get it cut every month, it'll grow faster (her cash reserves she means) Why don't you go in for hair treatment? umm..no time..what about evenings? too late, what about sundays? You better come in on sundays..umm..ok. your hair is too weak.. Do u oil it? You are compelled to answer yes even though you are not.Which shampoo? Which conditioner? Nervously you are trying to remember names from all the ads to go with the brands, that particular salon is sponsored by. If you answer wrong, you are put through a five mintue lecture on what is better for you. Kind of like your mother.. At the end of this gruelling session, she qucikly dries and pulls your hair, almost scalding your scalp with the hair dryer, and one little yelp of pain is ignored.
Next she sticks the mirror behind you and shows you the hair cut.. briliant you say, nervously knowing full well that tomorrow when you wash it, it's gonna look the same when you walked in half hour ago. You pay the exorbitant amount, i think they charge for making u sit, the lecture, the air you breathe in and the dirty looks before they usher you right out. Pockets are lighter and ego is brusied!! Go home to come back for another ego ruin three months later.. in a new parlour, hoping against hope for something diferent.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

at 12.25am

Some people are luckier than others. I want to be among them.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sarcy explanation!

I am sarcastic. Wholly and totally. Saracsm is always on the tip of my tongue whether I say it or not. However, while many say that I might be mean and I do agree, I have to tell you that its not because I want to be mean. Its just either I feel uncomfortable and need to make a joke, or well the person is too stupid. Or just for fun. So if people start taking all my sarcastic comments seriously I wouldn't have a signle funny sentence to utter. I found I could break ice and sometimes turn a wholly uncomfortable situation into a good one, of course.I have had a few not so nice sitautions but oh well...
I'll always be sarcastic so I hope you can bear with me and realise its all in fun. If i do have anything serious to say, rest assured, it would be anything but sarcastic. :) Cheers. Oh ya Garfield's my idol. hehe.

New roads and old...

Here we are again! Crossroads! I've got to be the only one who visits them so often. While it remains to be seen how soon I am gonna walk on again, I sit by the corner looking at the road behind. What am I leaving behind, what happened and why? As all answers are, even these remain elusive. Philosophy is a wonderful thing, I manage to find an explanation or an excuse for everything that ever happened. But never the answers.

I try and leave the past behind but there are too many loose ends there which refuse to be knotted. I have to understand, to know to really move on, otherwise it just is forgiven but never forgotten. My obsession with the fact that everything has to make sense has not made much to sense to many I know. Its about feelings, or emotions, unexplainable, unscientific and illogical. While I do agree with them to an extent, I still like to think back in steps and find the exact point, the exact moment something happened and why. It allows me a perspective to life and the sense in it calms me. Its a lesson learnt and allows me to understand myself and people around me. Or else its only restless and helplessness that I feel. (How logical is that. haha. )

Then again, I have learnt that everything cannot be explained and sometimes its really not my own fault. So I will soon take one of those new roads , a road not taken perhaps this time. I will go, but I will always look back wondering, what if. But I hope I find one reason to go back down the road I came from, because it was a wonderful road, full of memories and happy times. While I am sure the new road will give me something to look forward to, there is something about that path which calmed me. So here's to the road which I walk away from and also to the road I run to.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nosey nostalgia

I went back to Bangalore again. Yes, again! Its a place I treasure, though I spent only 2 years there. Traffic be damned, its beautiful, its the place I grew up in. And continue to grow up in. Everytime I go back I realise something new about myself, I feel liberated, free to think as I am to move. I go back, when I am very happy or very sad. This time it was mixed feelings, going to start another year with lessons learnt, chapters forgotten.

I went back to college, me and coupla friends, sat on the stairs, had a cup of strong coffee, served by the erstwhile Simon who was odd job man at hostel.. and thinking to ourselves..what's changed? Same stairs, Same rain, Same friends, wondering what we we are gonna do next, waiting for rain to stop, waiting for abhi to come. Its beautiful, could life be this peaceful always? We cribbed of all that, but thats what we laugh most at ..and so here's to life. Why nostalgic? bdays coming up idiot!! Nostalgia comes into life, finds out more and goes away packed with memories. and thats why tis nosey!! There! I've explained the subject line.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of the missing simplicity...

Climbing trees in the garden, bracing myself to climb a branch higher every month, feeling tall and feeling strong. The bruises which turned colour, the rain water flooding my room, when I could make paper boats or just splash around. Dirty feet, smelly shoes. Emptying the basket of vegetables, sitting in it, waiting to be swung..and pretend that was real.

Sititng with my grandfather while he prayed, imitating everything he did, repeating loudly and running out at the mention of breakfast. Picking up the heavy black telephone recevier, wondering if my face would ever be big enough to touch both the mouth piece and the ear piece at the same time..
First time I realised I could t ell time, was at 2 pm. My mother has never seen me that excited since. Playing cricket with 10 boys on a green field and going back home to play house house with 2 girls. My first swing was rope tied to the ceiling.. Pooris on a Sunday morning. Showing off rakhis on rakhi day, boy or girl, buying the biggest, ugliest, flashiest rakhi and being ever so proud.

Sitting with a brown teddy bear teaching it about crows, chasing cats away from the kitchen, running miles from dogs..

I could keep on but you would only get bored... but a random thought every now and then didn't hurt no one. :-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tech update

I obviously have nothing new to write about though much has happened over the past few months. Its been crazy and confusing, and absolutely no lessons learnt whatsoever. While my cell phone has been to the repairs twice already, I must say am not impressed with this updated verison of my handset. My cheap plastic blue phone was much better, I might add I dropped this one on concrete, but its a Nokia, it should work. Anyways, so now I can't increase the volume so the next time you guys call, just speak up, alright? And am not deaf, its my concrete injured phone.

My ipod's the same and am so boring that I haven't updated any of the music, but surprisingly I was happy to hear some new tunes on it, Its like magic, of course I realised only after that its because I was not clicking on the shuffle option. I dunno how that works, I didn't make the damn piece.

My recent acquisitions are a brand new TV set and a DVD player. Of course, am still trying to save, so no DVDs have been purchased as such, but technically I am the proud owner of the two. Hindrances like going out of town, reading a good book, relatives visiting and too tired to care and too lazy to fix the adapter are all part of the deal. This is the only reason I have not switched them on since April 25 2006. How do I remember? Heck, I don't know.

My digicam is spoilt, so I am too lazy to get it fixed. Of course, it would mean a 2 minute trip to Hyderabad Central, a stone's throw, or maybe well, a firecracker away. Not to mention I've spent a quarter of my shopping life in it, but No! why would I ever wanna get it fixed? So I went archaic and carried the old film one. Remember, those dabba looking cameras in which you have to load a film and keep clicking and you can't see how it is after, and have to get them developed to see them. Quite a hit about 3-4 years ago. Those ones. I didnt use it though, because I decided to go rather hitech and use a handycam.

Inetrestingly, I shot half of Singapore and my room, with a refrigerator and a microwave on it and all the trees and all that. A visual travelogue if you may.. and lo and behold I turn it on in the morning to watch a recording of Rahul Dravid on Ten Sports. Well... Let me not go into how that happened, but it did not happen by my hands!!

Is this enough? I miss the good old days.. Nostalgia creeps back. 'If only I could turn back time...'

Knick Knacks from S'pore

Well.. see.. It's like this. The Indian economy is booming, according to a Malaysian cab driver in Singapore. Its India Everywhere at the World Economic Forum at Davos this year. And really it is India Everywhere in Singapore as well.

So then, why is it not India in the batrooms as well.. Am sorry to sound well appallingly gross, to some at least, but the bathrooms in some of these international hotels could do with a bucket or two. Really!


Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am not here to crib or complain about football, despite my father, extended family, friends, a dogs and cats watching all the time. And mind you, he's gonna be reading this, he is also not too happy that I have 'ruined his reputation' about TV watching in one fo my earlier blogs. However, an attempt to watch three different games, namely, tennis, cricket and football was a little much. And here I am thanking the heavens that F1 was not on that day, or well!!

Have I cribbed , yet? :-) (-: Attempting to watch. Can't beat 'em, join 'em!!