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Monday, April 09, 2018

Book Review : 'I need to Pee' by Neha Singh with Illustrations by Meenal Singh and Erik Egerup

I Need to Pee’ by Neha Singh is a lively and brilliant book, about a young girl’s necessity to well, use a bathroom. She always needs to go and pee, because she is always drinking lemonade, coconut water, pineapple juice and other fizzy drinks, along with water. The poor child, no wonder she needed to pee, every now and then.

So, this summer her mother, brother and she are off on a train journey to Meghalaya. And a long journey, it is. So, on this fun filled trip, Rahi needs to pee, and she is off to the lavatory, a trip which she ‘must take’ on her journey. The experience is truly a frustrating one and I can truly understand it.

On this trip, she has a book called ‘Book of Important Quotes’. It seems a most interesting book, as one of the quotes, it includes, is ‘Every child should be allowed to drink water whenever they want’. So, that should keep her mother quiet for a while, at least. 

Also, has quotes like  ‘Do not be scared to ask the teacher to let you got to the toilet, no matter how many time to have to go’ and ‘Bus Drivers must stop the bus when little girls want to pee’.

You see, it became very useful to Rahi, whenever she needed to pee. Because, she had to pee again, at a 5 Star Hotel, as well. But usually, they do not like to allow people, but what could she do? She took out her favourite book of quotes, here too. So, they managed to reach Shillong, after the numerous pee breaks, wherever and whenever she had to go. 

The illustrations are amazing too and truly smart too. So, on this pee filled journey, they reach their aunt’s place in Shillong, where they found something very interesting.  To find out what is was, you have to Read up, ‘I need to Pee’, Folks...