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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hair cut ya ego cut?

Another trip to the hair salon, another day of bruised egos. I do not think that I have gone even once to have my hair cut and not come back feeling miserable. For me, a hair cut is a huge event, I mentally prepare myself for a week, I tell friends so they can be my moral support too. I usually take a friend along, in case of a nervous break down.
I walk in feeling extremely nervous, and ask politely, in fact almost meekly for a hair cut. The stern looking parlour lady takes me in and says wash her hair!! In the hope of saving a few rupees I swear before the gods that I have indeed washed my hair that very morning. One stern look at my hair is enough to convince me that I haven't done so in a week's time. I follow her to have my hair washed.
Next in the hot seat... I am interrogated! Nervously I take my place, placing my crowning..ahem.. glory (mane more like) in the professional hands of a scissor user. For the next half an hour, she can make or break my fate, confidence and ego. Thumbs twiddling, eyes looking around for a place to hide, in case it gets dangerous.. I meekly spell out what I need. Something different please I say.. Step cut for you. Nothing else will suit your face. (ego brusies begin- she really means, don't expect me to waste my time on ur silly mane)
For the next five minutes I stare at myself in the mirror to scared to move, stiff and embarassed, as she snips away behind my back. When was the last time you got a hair cut? umm.. 3 months ago, You should get it cut every month, it'll grow faster (her cash reserves she means) Why don't you go in for hair treatment? umm..no time..what about evenings? too late, what about sundays? You better come in on sundays..umm..ok. your hair is too weak.. Do u oil it? You are compelled to answer yes even though you are not.Which shampoo? Which conditioner? Nervously you are trying to remember names from all the ads to go with the brands, that particular salon is sponsored by. If you answer wrong, you are put through a five mintue lecture on what is better for you. Kind of like your mother.. At the end of this gruelling session, she qucikly dries and pulls your hair, almost scalding your scalp with the hair dryer, and one little yelp of pain is ignored.
Next she sticks the mirror behind you and shows you the hair cut.. briliant you say, nervously knowing full well that tomorrow when you wash it, it's gonna look the same when you walked in half hour ago. You pay the exorbitant amount, i think they charge for making u sit, the lecture, the air you breathe in and the dirty looks before they usher you right out. Pockets are lighter and ego is brusied!! Go home to come back for another ego ruin three months later.. in a new parlour, hoping against hope for something diferent.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

at 12.25am

Some people are luckier than others. I want to be among them.