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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Book Review : 'Run, It’s Butterfingers Again!' by Khyrunnisa A

Khyrunnisa A’s Butterfingers series is back with, ‘Run, It’s Butterfingers Again!’ It has been more than a year when I first met Amar Kishen and his butterfingers. But I notice that this is one quality, which has not gone at all, and he is still the perplexing butterfingers, he was a year ago.   

Amar is now back with karate and he joins hands with the sensei, Anish Rajan to help prevent a dognapping incident. 

On another day, he has a brilliant idea, and is all set to become a professional photographer. His misadventures with the camera lead him to shoot an animal, wherein he manages to shoot a monkey in the zoo and actually manages to win second prize for it!!  How and what happens altogether, make up a hilarious story when his photograph stands out for an intelligent animal. 

A silver spoon goes missing in Amar’s house, and his mother has searched the entire house for it. They end up finding a trail and notice soap boxes, lots of regular spoons, forks, including his grandfather’s dentures, along with various other eatables and lo and behold, the silver spoon. All in the rat’s lair. What happens to the rat, which Amar had wanted as a pet?

Amar now has a stray cat to worry about. His father chases the cat out, but his mother is kinder to it, since the poor cat seems to be having kittens of her own. He discovers the cat, littering all over his famous painting (look at ‘The Masterpiece’ in ‘The Misadventures of Butterfingers’). The cat belongs to Mr Hiran, and its discovery is all thanks to Amar.

This set of stories is as hilariously plotted as the earlier one. Not only is it funny, but it does carry a few lessons learnt in its 14 chapters. So, check this one out too, Folks…

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