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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Did I just see a Monkey?

There were two monkeys in my house. Yes, you heard right. We have always been used to monkeys. My grandpa’s house was famous for monkeys, they used to drop in for a visit and if they didn’t find the trees good enough, they always used to find something in grandma’s larder.

Grandma was once sitting on the terrace, and one actually came down to sit, just like a proper guest, I believe he was busy eating something, all the while watching grandma, who sat stiffly, not moving, just to watch it leave. The second one who dropped into her kitchen, was shocked at how loudly my grandma could actually shout. A frightened old lady she seemed so docile, the monkey must have thought. She sure could bring the house down and the scream was so loud, that scared us for sure, but the monkey was out of its wits too!

One cute little monkey, who ran off the second she came face to face with my dad. Poor child, she must’ve been scared out of her wits, and my poor dad who hadn’t done a thing was mighty pleased with himself, am sure for managing to scare it off, by not so much as lifting a finger.

Of course, will never forget the monkey who came into out kitchen when we were staying in an apartment, strolled ever so nonchalantly into the kitchen , and ran off with a bottle of pulses. He got it open, tried to eat it, found it too hard for its liking, and ran off, leaving behind the sorry bottle on the roof of our neighbours house. They had a full half a kilo of dal that morning, and the lovely smell that came from the house, must have been my favourite yellow dal. :)

Monkeys have followed us here as well, it seems. They are in almost every house, just like cats.

I saw two monkeys today, and they made off with fruit from our tree. It’s not new, they’ve been here before, but much before all the construction had begun around our house. Maybe they came back to reclaim their natural habitat. But unfortunately, we can’t offer them that, the most we could offer are fruits, which they happily helped themselves to. I saw them leave with a smile, well, at least it looked like a smile and a wave. Or maybe it was just them trying to get hold of the branches of the few trees...hmmm…

Next time, cats. ;)

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