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Friday, September 04, 2009


I was looking forward to tomorrow, yesterday. Will tomorrow be any different, I asked myself. Will it be different from what I have always seen, always heard, always felt? If so, how different? What is the difference?

I woke up, not to birds chirping, not to the sun shining, not to a lovely dream. I woke up to something very different, something which would not keep me safe, something which would hurl me into space, and wait for me to hit earth.

I woke up… to reality.

Why would I want to be here? Why, when I seemed to be having a pretty wonderful time? Why would I choose this?

I had but one choice. To go back to sleep, or to wake up and face it. No, not the harsh reality, but the real reality.

The reality which would be a little different, a lot more adventurous and would require a lot more courage. So, here I am, ready to face you, my reality.

Ready to face the one thing, which has given me everything I have and everything I have not.
I have chosen the real reality. And I have but one wish.

And when this reality comes true, I will have no one to thank for it, but myself. And for that day, I will wait.

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