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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rape doesn't need discussion. It needs punishement.

I do not know whether to be thankful to the Lok Sabha or just plain angry. What does make me angry was the fact that most MPs and Ministers were missing. Only 168 members of the LS were present, though it went up to 198 during the amendment session. 

Sadly, Sonia Gandhi who seemed to be present during the long debate, was absent during the actual passing of the bill, not to mention our PM and also the Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi, among others. Not to mention the opposition too. BJP’s party president Rajnath Singh was missing from action as well.

I mean apparently, all these so called members who are supposed to represent us are missing. So, what happened? I would like to know. 

Firstly, it is happening only in the wake of what happened to the student in the Delhi bus. Isn’t it a shame that it is only now, that the government wakes up, as does the news media in reporting the same. If one has noticed it is only now, that I am reading about rapes almost every day in the newspapers. It is a crying shame that I am reading about even little children being raped every other day.

Shouldn’t they be punished severely? Should the society not want to punish these rapists? One reads everyday about children being raped, even infants. How could we let it go?  They deserve a worse punishment.

Instead, all these people were up in arms about consensual sex being down to 16? I mean why does this even warrant a discussion? Would it change anything? 

Of course, we should all be thanking our stars that the LS left the age at 18. Even worse, was the entire discussion on how to term the word, rape?  Honestly, in the wake of things, it was not even a matter for discussion. 

Having a lengthy debate about such a bill is not a matter of pride. It is a crying shame. The members should have stood together in the discussion against rape and the severest of punishments meted out for it.

Indians can be truly proud, when our representatives stand together against rape and its repercussions, when we hand out the worst punishments to such people who have gone against this law and hurt the moral fibre of not just the society but also, all the women who have been victimized.

More unnecessary discussion at the Rajya Sabha now. Whatever for?
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