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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review : 'Falling in Love Again' by Ruskin Bond

Just finished another Ruskin Bond book, called ‘Falling in Love Again’. Naturally, it was a collection of all the love stories, he had written in his career. Why did I buy it again? I had obviously read all his stories and his poems. 

I do not know. What is it that leads me to his book, excites me to begin reading and makes me feel a little sad, when I am done with it? Is it his eloquent prose, his simple yet moving poetry or perhaps his personality, which comes through every single time? It could be, or it could just be because it is his book. His pages, full of colourful characters, his portrayal of what he calls nature…

The sadness in all his love stories, comes through, whether it was in ‘The Eyes Have It’ or in both the towns of Deoli and Shamli, or even in ‘The Girl from Copenhagen’. ‘Love is a Sad Song’ or ‘A Love of Long Ago’ both stuck a chord. On Fairy Hill' took me along as most of his stories do. 

They take me away with them to new places, to new nooks and corners of nature, or even secrets told in the darkness. Kamla, Sushila or even Hameeda or Binya whoever, wherever they are or were all had it in them to inspire poetry.

So, Rusty, Ruskin, or Dada, do write on. Because you will have me as your reader for sure…

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