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Friday, November 07, 2014

Writing and Handwriting... Days and Tales

My handwriting wasn’t too bad; in fact it was pretty good, at one time. So, I liked it and I thought that it would stay that way. But, unfortunately this wasn’t the case. It could be time, it could be being in a constant hurry, it could be computers, it could be mobile phones, it could be nerves, whatever it was, I realised that my handwriting was not quite so good, anymore.

So, lately I have been practising to write. Write about anything and everything. It could be as simple as writing the abc or ABC, or even the numbers. But I realised that though it makes sense to practise writing these, what made it better was to keep writing about anything and everything. 

So, I bought myself a notebook and a couple of pens (pencils were a good option but I really do not have patience for them). I also have a little space I use for myself for doing the writing, and I have taken over this place to call it ‘The Place’ for my handwriting. I keep reminders on my phone, too. 

The best thing about this is that I don’t find it to be as much a pain, as I used to when I first started it. So, start writing about half a page first, then move on to one page, and more if necessary. I would say it takes up about 15 minutes in the day, thanks to the procrastinating and wondering what I can write, and finally to write. :)

I am writing all kind of nonsense, first it started off with the abc, then the numbers and finally to writing what am doing, or just about anything. It could be next to nothing, but that is the fun part.

Start off with a lined book and then you can move on to a plain book. Start with the Os and then the Is. Try doing it in one line, and then you can try various things. Start writing now, and soon you could have the cursive writing like I do, today. But there is a lot of improvement to be made, if I want it to look like it did before.

Make sure you write the dates and the day it is, while you are writing, just to keep tabs. So, maybe it is cool, that I am at Day – 47, today.
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