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Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review : ‘Personal' by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is back. In Lee Child’s 19th novel, 'Personal' the lone traveller, gets on a bus, when he sets eyes on a military publication.  He notices a message for himself and immediately places a call to the Pentagon. 

If any of you has read Child’s Jack Reacher series, then it should not be too tough to figure out a little about him. Reacher is something of a loner, who travels, by bus or prefers to take a walk. He does not have any off what we would call, essentials today like a phone or even credit card. He picks toothbrushes and clothes every three days. The only thing he owns is a toothbrush and is a former military policeman. He takes out the villains as and when they come.

Pentagon wants him to trace a former army sniper, John Kott, who has made an assassination attempt at the French President. So, Reacher is sent to find the man, who was a prisoner for murder for the past fifteen years. However, it has taken on a personal note, as he would find out in Arkansas. Here, he finds out that Kott is looking for him as well. And Reacher is sent on his way with Casey Nice, a state department official.

His trip takes him to France, where the attempt was made originally. It is a nice personal touch too, as we find out some more about Reacher’s family.

But, from France he discovers why he has to head to London, with Nice where
Lee Child
he manages to find Kott. Kott, who is under the protection of Little Joey. Little Joey, a 7ft, 300 pound villain who heads the Romford Boys. The boys are thugs known around town for all the villainy they can muster.

How he manages to find Kott, and what the end would be like is all a part of this fast paced thriller. A good book, which has all the guns you need, with some coffee and a tough and thought-provoking woman to seal the deal.

Read it, because it stands apart from Ian Fleming’s James Bond, though the two of them have similarities enough. The two are tough and loners, the hows and whys are for the public to figure out.

Author: Lee Child
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Bantam Books, Random House Group
ISBN: 978-0-857-50282-7
Price: Rs 350/-
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