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Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Review : ‘Half Love Half Arranged ' by Itisha Peerbhoy

'Half Love Half Arranged' is a funny tale of sorts. Rhea Kanwar, who practically has everything going for her, from a ‘kewl’ career and a pretty nice family, is unfortunately 30 and unmarried. That bit, would be the problem.

So, let us begin. Rhea has a boy for a best friend and a set of girlfriends. She has two sisters, who names incidentally are Pia and Sia. Pia is married with a baby, and now it seems to be Rhea’s turn. So, Rhea has begun her part in the matchmaking process. 

She is introduced to four different guys, of all sorts by her mother. The divorced kind in Vyash and the so-called cool, Jay. Mazher, who is the traditional sort and Sid, who seemed to be perfect, but only from the outside. She does have the best friend, Arf, who likes her too.

But, you do have never married, Bubbles aunty and the always looking, Pammi aunty to bring the whole situation to its funny end. 

So, going back to Rhea. Rhea meets the guys, she thinks she likes them, so dates them, and inevitably gets dumped. Rhea, of course has her own sets of mistakes, embarrassments, and the tad bit of grief. She also has her little moments of happiness and joys.

Most of these characters are pretty funny and one can read them all with a little salt. The author does describe Rhea’s funny moments, with almost an expert hand. Of course, I did not understand why Rhea seemed kind of desperate in the process. She could have been so much more, considering that she was independent, to begin with.

Itisha Peerbhoy shows good writing, considering the patience with which, she describes her characters, from the ‘soapy’ mother through the confused sister. Through the desperate Jay and patient Arf. But, best of all is the comical Rhea and her amusing antics.

Read it to believe it. I will not tell you anymore…
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