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Monday, October 03, 2016

Book Review : 'Glitter and Gloss' by Vibha Batra

Vibha Batra put me in a super cool place, just like she does her heroine. Why? Will tell you about it!

So, we have Misha, one fine day, when she meets Akshay Agarwal. Dreamy eyed and goofy, she is all set to ‘make up’ Akshay before she finds out that he is the sponsor of the event. He is the owner of Agarwal Jewellers and he is the hot one. 

Misha is her usual awkward self and is hurrying up, not just herself, but all those including Akshay. But god! She is funny. I do not remember having laughed so much, during the first few pages of a book, before. That’s when I knew, I had found a hilarious book.

Misha, the adorable goofball works at MAC. She always wanted to make brides look really pretty on their wedding day, and that is the reason, she was at the bridal show, where she met Akki.

Akki too seems to have taken a liking for the foot-in-the mouth girl. Anyway, he goes on to meet her at MAC and then she is all set to be sent off to Dubai. They have a fashion show there and so, we are treated to more fun. 

As the two spend time together, amidst all the noise in Dubai and Mumbai, Misha realises that she has fallen in love. But, she has a sister-in-law to deal with. Especially, since Misha and Akshay have made promises to each other and declared their wish to marry each other.

Akki has a mother, in his sister. She brought up the young boy, and now wants to find the perfect daughter-in-law. Misha, the usual Misha that she is, does not qualify. So, the poor thing is put through a series of prayers to the almighty. She feels that she must do everything, and more, much to the chagrin of her own mother, and her two best friends.

Vibha Batra
So, in trying all this, she manages to do the favourite foot in mouth syndrome. She was actually trying to help out with her future family, and ends up breaking it off with Akshay. Her sister-in-law was thrilled but is this, the end? Will Misha get out of the trouble? Will she soothe her own family? Will she have the love of her life back?

I never had read any of Vibha Batra’s books before this. But considering that she made me laugh out loud, so many times, at random moments, she definitely made me regret that I haven’t read them before. This book is too funny and you will not regret buying it. Highly recommended. 

You can Buy the Book, right here.

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