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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book Review : 'The First Trillionaire' by Sapna Jha and translated by Alok Jha

'The First Trillionaire' by Sapna Jha is an interesting one. Not only does it have equal shares of tragedy, love, crime, business and determination, but it tells the story of one person whose resolve, it is to become the world’s first trillionaire. It spans through her life, and tells it tale, but this we have to see…

Shailputri Singh Rathore is the girl who is at it. The story begins with her kidnapping and asking her poor mother for a large ransom. The poor girl had joined the East India Bank and ends up having to deal with the notorious, Bachcha Singh, who is out to con the bank with his doubtful financial operations. As she is in the procedure of finding out more about it, she ends up getting herself in the midst of the whole thing and gets kidnapped by Bachcha Singh’s people.

But now is the time, when we discover Shail’s identity, which was lost all this while. Shail, who is friends with the billionaire, Olivia is all set to discover more of her own mysterious identity. Olivia turns out to be the mother of a young boy, who dies under unfortunate circumstances, has a strange connection with Shail.

As the story delves deeper, into Shail’s life, we note that prior to this, Shail’s mother Vanashree, her own family, including an uncle, who runs away from home, how he becomes an ultra-cool scientist and how he ends up working with Olivia are all a part of this part.

Vanashree was going away in a helicopter with a childhood friend, young man, when an accident takes away his life. The poor girl finds herself back at her village, when she is helped by her relatives. Vanashree found herself pregnant, with Shail. She drags on and luckily for her, her daughter makes her way up in the world starting with her first job of a banker, in a small town.

Imagine the parts to this book. This was just the personal one. Moving on, we come across why and how her kidnapping happened. Why Bachcha Singh works in cohorts with Musa Khan, and even the whys and hows of the businesses in crime are placed, from banks to export houses, from agriculture to fisheries, from science to diamonds, this book has it all. We travel across India from an island in the east to the western coast with plans to go abroad. ­­­­­

How she ends up taking the title of the book, ‘The First Trillionaire’, how
Sapna Jha
she survives the whole thing, how Facebook has a part to play, how her mother and her mysterious relatives all play a part in it, how she gets captured, how the big names in the world of crime play out their roles, and eventually how she pulls it off, are all a part of this story, or tale of faith and its eccentrics.

How the author ties all these parts together is quite a brilliant idea, to write all these parts is good in itself and finally to put them all together is a true art. Kudos to the author, Sapna Jha and her translator, Alok Jha to have brought it all together. 

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