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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Review : 'Unclothed' by Probir Sengupta

Unclothed’ by Probir Sengupta could be a wonderful nostalgic ridden book or it could be a simple diary or it could be complicated account of all things. Which is it?   

Basically, it is all about Onniruddh Ray. Onni at 27 and then at 3 and back to 17 again and so on and so forth. And his life goes on, with interruptions of course. 

His life as a child is full of all the stuff, which we might have done as kids. Remember the childhood friends, the cool birds as pets, the animals at the zoo, the terrible exams, the cool programmes on television in the 80s, the best friends parting, and the good stuff, the not so good stuff and the really bad stuff. He of course, had the pretty girls, and the mean boys, who were his seniors, as well. 

Sometimes, you have bad stuff happen and you don’t realise it. You simply ignore it and move on. And so, Onni does that too.

He lands a job at an advertising firm and is pretty good with his work. This is where he ends up meeting a lady, who offers him a part time job, but with plenty of money. He simply has to meet, quite a few women and men, who kind of have unsatisfactory sexual lives or probably prefer it both ways. These people could be anyone with whom he has to, well, what is the word for it, ‘do it’ and would be willing to pay for it.

Meanwhile, he falls in and out of love, a few times. But then he meets someone, whom he totally falls for. Then, comes an awkward time. His life has been pulled and pushed all over the place. First, with a man, then with a woman, and then finally with a girl.

Who are they, and why do they keep repeating themselves in his life? Finally, a death occurs and Onni is left again in two minds. What would happen? Would he reveal all to the girl? Or would he change his mind, and give it all up?

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