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Friday, March 09, 2018

Book Review : ‘The Golden Dakini : The Maitreya Chronicles : Part 2’ by Charu Singh

Read up ‘The Golden Dakini : The Maitreya Chronicles : Part 2’, by Charu Singh in which we are shown the adventures of Tashi and Lama Ozer. Moving on from where we were at Shambala, they set off with Wisdom Goddess, Yeshe Nam Lha, the daughter of the Goddess Tara, Prince A-KarO, heir to the Lha Empire, and Prince Narasimha, heir to the Rigdens and the Shambala legacy.

Yeshe is prophesied to be the mother of Maitreya Buddha, who was to be the enlightened one on earth, with one of the princes as her consort. She has descended to the Earth, along with both her guardians and a few others. She has the task of choosing among the two of them, and travel to the Mount Meru.

Her journey would take her through Tibet and Sikkim’s Qiang La, where the Demazong monastery was. The monastery was deserted. And Prince A-KarO and Prince Narasimha have not sensed any sort of dangers, which The Garuda had already swept clear of any dark shamans.

But A-KarO warns his companions of an Asur presence since they are here. He tells them of the Asur Prince and his group of warriors. But they must go along through the towns of Sikkim. The go into the forests of Karbi Anglong Hills when they are met with Asurs. It was Yeshe’s good fortune that she managed to escape Prince Arden’s captivity once.

But Arden does not give up so soon. He will follow Yeshe across the Earth and make his claims again. He wants to win her over with his hypnotic magnetism and take her into the Asur kingdom of Inkala.

As they go along the towns in Assam on the way, they end up meeting a lot of people such as Yogi Bishek, Bana, Vani, Hammersmith, Fencering, Ti and also Chetak, the wind horse, among others.These could include Tsen deities, Fey warriors, Yakshas or even the gatekeepers of tunnels of Mount Meru.

Both princes kept trying to win over Yeshe, through the trip. And Yeshe tried to give it good thought, but always saw Narasimha as a friend, and irritated with A-KarO, as she was, kept seeing him with some attraction.

Both she and the princes have to fight their mortality, which they all have ended up with on coming to Earth. She would also fight the supreme attraction that Prince Arden wielded; he had followed her to Kashmir too. The towns in Assam, Jammu and Leh are all a part of the trip, which they must cross, to reach Meru.

So, will she make her choice among the two princes and also Arden? Will she fight through till she reaches Mount Meru? Will she complete the Yagna? Will she be the mother to Maitreya Buddha? Making all these choices is Yeshe’s duty, taking no chances is her responsibility…

On a side note, I almost forgot some of the food mentioned. The foods described, though vegetarian sound amazing, of course, the Asurs bring out the best of non - vegetarian food, too. It had me hungry, through most of the book. Basically, one cannot resist too much, Folks... 

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