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Monday, May 21, 2018

Book Review : ‘Ladders against the Sky’ by Murli Melwani

Murli Melwani’s 'Ladders Against the Sky' is an apt title for a book, such as this one. As his name suggests, he is a true Indian against many skies, belonging to India, USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. It talks primarily of Sindhis living in different lifestyles, cultures and countries.

‘Water in a Hot Plate’ talks of an older couple, Vivek and Rajni, and a lady, May, and also a younger couple, Anand and Resh. The five get together to end up meeting at a restaurant, the food they share, the conversations they end up having is all a part of making an ‘alliance’. 

‘Writing a Fairy Tale, is an interesting story. Jimmy Ramani is invited to the home of his client, Julian and his wife Carmen, where his wife’s interest in writing is discussed. Carmen, who writes for children, wants her book to be read by Jimmy. How and what happens, that leads to love between the man and the client’s wife is a part of this story.

‘The Bhorwani Marriage’ is a humorous take on the hullabaloo of weddings, whether it is families and horoscopes or their richness and most importantly, photographs or the bride and groom.

‘The Inner Light’ talks of a young boy, who happens to have a gift for foresight. He helps his rural community, as he allows it to come naturally. But when doubt strikes, then would he be able to continue with it?
With a foreword by Victor Banerjee, and 23 stories to boot, this novel sure takes out your time. The best thing is that it feels like it never ends, as the book is long and stories are in abundance. The Hindu Sindhis are a survival of people, which is living in a journey, with stories and tales, which would be told again and again. Murli Melwani is an excellent author, who can lure you into the book and its visualisation, at the drop of a hat…

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