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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of the missing simplicity...

Climbing trees in the garden, bracing myself to climb a branch higher every month, feeling tall and feeling strong. The bruises which turned colour, the rain water flooding my room, when I could make paper boats or just splash around. Dirty feet, smelly shoes. Emptying the basket of vegetables, sitting in it, waiting to be swung..and pretend that was real.

Sititng with my grandfather while he prayed, imitating everything he did, repeating loudly and running out at the mention of breakfast. Picking up the heavy black telephone recevier, wondering if my face would ever be big enough to touch both the mouth piece and the ear piece at the same time..
First time I realised I could t ell time, was at 2 pm. My mother has never seen me that excited since. Playing cricket with 10 boys on a green field and going back home to play house house with 2 girls. My first swing was rope tied to the ceiling.. Pooris on a Sunday morning. Showing off rakhis on rakhi day, boy or girl, buying the biggest, ugliest, flashiest rakhi and being ever so proud.

Sitting with a brown teddy bear teaching it about crows, chasing cats away from the kitchen, running miles from dogs..

I could keep on but you would only get bored... but a random thought every now and then didn't hurt no one. :-)
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