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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tech update

I obviously have nothing new to write about though much has happened over the past few months. Its been crazy and confusing, and absolutely no lessons learnt whatsoever. While my cell phone has been to the repairs twice already, I must say am not impressed with this updated verison of my handset. My cheap plastic blue phone was much better, I might add I dropped this one on concrete, but its a Nokia, it should work. Anyways, so now I can't increase the volume so the next time you guys call, just speak up, alright? And am not deaf, its my concrete injured phone.

My ipod's the same and am so boring that I haven't updated any of the music, but surprisingly I was happy to hear some new tunes on it, Its like magic, of course I realised only after that its because I was not clicking on the shuffle option. I dunno how that works, I didn't make the damn piece.

My recent acquisitions are a brand new TV set and a DVD player. Of course, am still trying to save, so no DVDs have been purchased as such, but technically I am the proud owner of the two. Hindrances like going out of town, reading a good book, relatives visiting and too tired to care and too lazy to fix the adapter are all part of the deal. This is the only reason I have not switched them on since April 25 2006. How do I remember? Heck, I don't know.

My digicam is spoilt, so I am too lazy to get it fixed. Of course, it would mean a 2 minute trip to Hyderabad Central, a stone's throw, or maybe well, a firecracker away. Not to mention I've spent a quarter of my shopping life in it, but No! why would I ever wanna get it fixed? So I went archaic and carried the old film one. Remember, those dabba looking cameras in which you have to load a film and keep clicking and you can't see how it is after, and have to get them developed to see them. Quite a hit about 3-4 years ago. Those ones. I didnt use it though, because I decided to go rather hitech and use a handycam.

Inetrestingly, I shot half of Singapore and my room, with a refrigerator and a microwave on it and all the trees and all that. A visual travelogue if you may.. and lo and behold I turn it on in the morning to watch a recording of Rahul Dravid on Ten Sports. Well... Let me not go into how that happened, but it did not happen by my hands!!

Is this enough? I miss the good old days.. Nostalgia creeps back. 'If only I could turn back time...'
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