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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sarcy explanation!

I am sarcastic. Wholly and totally. Saracsm is always on the tip of my tongue whether I say it or not. However, while many say that I might be mean and I do agree, I have to tell you that its not because I want to be mean. Its just either I feel uncomfortable and need to make a joke, or well the person is too stupid. Or just for fun. So if people start taking all my sarcastic comments seriously I wouldn't have a signle funny sentence to utter. I found I could break ice and sometimes turn a wholly uncomfortable situation into a good one, of course.I have had a few not so nice sitautions but oh well...
I'll always be sarcastic so I hope you can bear with me and realise its all in fun. If i do have anything serious to say, rest assured, it would be anything but sarcastic. :) Cheers. Oh ya Garfield's my idol. hehe.
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