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Monday, July 20, 2009

Far Away?

The Faraway Tree collection is a very good book, not just for children but for adults as well. I am not saying that just because, I am reading it again now, and because all kinds of people are gushing over it. ;)

I am saying that because it creates a completely perfect world, far, far away.
  • It talks of a good environment where all the kids live in clean and green surroundings.
  • It talks of a world free of pollution, no smoke, no dust and no grime and no dirt.
  • It even simply talks of innocence, which we hardly get to see from children nowadays.
So, is it a philosophical or a politically motivated book? As I read on, I am beginning to be convinced of its environmental significance, it starts off with the polluted city, going on to talk of cutting trees and also, trees dying. Enid Blyton tells us of what is to come, back in the 1930s(?), and how we can save our plants and trees.

Probably, Enid Blyton had no such intention when she wrote this book, or maybe she did, and which is why she creates a whole new world, free of all the above.
Here’s hoping that Enid Blyton’s world comes true. :)
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