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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fighting in Parliament? What for?

As the parties are battling it out in Parliament, it could truly be a Mahabharat. Essentially, this should have been something we shouldn't even be fighting over, let alone in the Parliament. In fact, there should be a bill which should well be passed, which says that women, should have at least 50% reservation in both the sabhas.
As we go on talking about women taking a lead in this and that, why in the world are we put in a position, where we have to ask for our place under the sun? But, well, so much for our country and all it ups and downs...
If certain people feel so bad about other sections of the community which, we call India being left out, then perhaps they should step down and put up someone from these 'communities', who are not allowed to jump in. People, who probably do not have enough 'political mileage' to suit the requirements of the parliament. Because, these people are definitely not answering my call or perhaps even the call of at least, half the country's population.
Again, they seem to be missing the point. That is that, this sort of reservation is present only in the Panchayats, which represents one of these so-called socially and economic backward communities. The panchayats are from the villages, how come they have the intelligence and do not have to fight our politicians, like the way we do?
A mere 33.3% is only what is being asked for, when truly, at least we should have proportional reservation. If what happened yesterday, is an example, then we truly need women in there. I hope there would be a time when we stop bickering about such things among ourselves, and start fighting the real fights.
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