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Friday, March 05, 2010

On a mission to save the world... from Aish Rai

Old advertisements on the internet. What else could I do? Beyond spending the evening watching and laughing at them? Nowadays, there isn't much to watch. Of course, the interest in ads still stays, I know I bring the place down about switching channels, even today. And I can see it not waning away anytime soon.
Yet, the interest was something, which came to me only with the older ads. Today, I know that I cannot remember a single advertisement. Ask me the last Pepsi or Coke ads, no clue, totally blank.
But then, I used to remember the latest ads earlier, even a year down the line. Ask me of the Maaza ad, I remember something. The Coke ad, which had Aamir Khan in it and not to mention Aishwarya Rai? Loved the Lakme ads which had her in it too... The ads then were something... which were ideas, which one could aspire to. You had actors telling you to have only the 'best' Seemingly, important. Even if it wasn't, you still could aspire to do it, becasue, well, an Aamir or a Kapil Dev asked you to do so...
But, now it's a joke. You have everything from washing powder, (Salman Khan telling you to buy one) pens (Amitabh, Sachin and Shah Rukh telling us to go get them), or even L'oreal products Aish Rai claiming to save the world, in bright red lipsticks and red skirts and shoes. Gawd, really?
I'd go red in the face, just talking about it. ( No product necessary for that one.)
I know that I liked the Lakme stuff a lot better, it was then a matter of getting something exclusive, if she was advertising for it. Now, it's just a matter of getting anything off the shelf. Exclusivity, be damned!
Besides then, there were ads, superstars notwithstanding, which came to your mind. Probably because of a really nice jingle, the sense of humour...
Now... missing.
There seem to be very few ads, which show these... enough to remember them by, at least for a few days. I'm not complaining about the varieties we have in them, not mentioning to you the different tooth pastes and their tastes. I know that I won't remember them as days go by.
I understand the need for change, but I do not understand the need for change in intelligence. What are we talking about? Is it the so called models in ads, is it the products and their varieties in ads or is it the product itself? I would not know, because if you are going to show them, they had better be smart or funny perhaps both, otherwise, well, what is the point?
Because I am asking for a shortage of all these ads. If not, well, I'm confused, hope I'm not getting conned and fused at the same time.
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