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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Review : ‘Colours of Life’ by Ashwani Tyagi

This is a simple story, trying to convey a message to the readers. It’s about a young boy, who is off to an engineering college. College life begins with all its good qualities peppered with bad substances. There are good friends, examinations, a wonderful girlfriend and loving and understanding parents, and eventually, a brilliant job and an excellent boss.

What is different in this book, you ask? Well, nothing actually. It’s just a young professional’s story, who believed that he had something to say. Unfortunately, he does not. His college life and his studies, his weird tryst with the police, a marvellous time with the ideal girl and probably a slightly awkward experience with another woman, are all the mixture of this story.

Unfortunately, it is lacking. On two counts, 1) an interesting story and 2) good grammar. We do need both these for any good book. I could have understood if it was not going to be different, but there are countless mistakes in the text of the book, that it just cannot be read and understood.

The first page of this book itself was replete with mistakes, like the repetition of a single word, a serious lack of commas and grammar issues. In fact, the entire book pretty much read like that. 

It could have been the Ashwani Tyagi’s diary, in which he noted down several experiences, and converted it into a book. Seems like he forgot to correct all the grammatical and spelling errors he’d made. The editors could have done a better job, I felt.

Note on Cover :  It was a  very confusing cover, too much of bad colours, and a really serious guy’s face. Do not understand it.

Author: Ashwani Tyagi
ISBN  978-93-83562-01-5
Price: India:  Rs 125 ; Elsewhere: $5

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