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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Book Review: 'Horseshoe Garage' by Hitesha

Neo Racing? What’s that? That was my initial reaction when I first opened the book. I’d heard of formula racing, off- road and go-karting. But this is the first, I had ever heard of Neo Racing. Neo Racing is basically an international racing championship, where the participants’ car has to have a new technology to it.  The first few pages have everything you probably need to know about it. At least, there is enough.

Secondly, there are the names that are confusing enough to start off with. With names like Rags, Kam, Sav and Jags, I was again left wondering what was going on… I was wondering if the story was as ridiculous as the names! 

Then unfurled the story. When Neo-Racing comes to India, lifelong fan Sarvesh Kulkarni is one of the first in line, along with Rags. Rags is his best friend from an engineering institute where the two of them had hit it off, thanks to their neo racing dream.  

A trip to the Racing Association of India, then to various garages and repair shops, where the technical team ‘lives’ form the second part of the story. In one such garage, the boys come face to face with Naaz, who is the leading lady in dirty overalls. Naaz is the beautiful orphan, whose love for neo racing and Sav, end up being the crux of the story.

The entire saga begins to unfold. How the design happens, then we the usual love stories between Rags and his girlfriend Kam, and Sav and his love interest Naaz follow. Then starts the racing, the technical team and the usual longish build up, towards the end.

What really made me like the book is the research put into it. I would not know how much of the racing and car lingo is correct, but it is definitely up there. You have the usual ‘Karan Johar’ish drama, its soap opera like slipperiness and the usual religion, and the rich-poorish clichés, which I felt dragged on.

Because there comes a time when the book should have ideally ended, and you know it! Also, I did not understand whether the  book was in American English or the usual English. But it was definitely ‘unputdownable’and took me only six hours to finish it. Grammatical errors were few and far between, but they did stick out.

Note on Cover :  Could have been brighter. It doesn't do much for tickling the reader's mind.

Author: Hitesha
ISBN  978-93-82473-45-9
Cover Design: Fravashi Aga
Price: India:  Rs 245 ; Elsewhere: $10

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