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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Which is the philosophical book? LOTR or Mahabharata? :)

It is a miracle these days that so many new books, based on the Mahabharata are doing so well. For me, the Mahabharata fever started very early. It began with ACK comics, and their Mahabharata series. Though I got them all, at different times, I still loved each and every one of them. 

But, there were several doubts in my mind, but young as I was, these doubts were never expressed. As I grew older, shyness was the curse, after that there was never any need to ask people, anything. 

But then, a few other authors happened. The curiosity probably quelled little but the doubt remained. And now, there is more and more to read. Not divine, not mystical, not even magical. It is simply plain and grounded questions, answered. 

I do not know the truth behind everything, but if one has a doubt then there are ways of expressing it. Either there are books, or questions about books, and I am glad to say that so many authors, editors and even readers are ready and willing to help me with them.

It started with the Amish Tripathi’s Shiva trilogy, and then of course, we had Krishna Udayasankar and Anand Neelakantan to help me understand and drive away curiosity.

Then came the other doubt. JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien too added on… 

Bacause Harry Potter seems to have woven his magic in these philosophical questions too. Because what else is Harry Potter, if he doesn’t cast similar spells and send similar curses or charms as a Krishna or a Shiva? 

What else could the Lord of the Rings be, and the similarities between Aragon and Arjuna, between Bhishma and Gandalf, and Sam and Hanuman? Could you find the so called bad ones too? Voldemort and Shakuni, Saruman and Dushasana or perhaps Bellatrix and Surpanaka?

Where was the dissimilarity between an Avada Kedavra and a Bramha Astra? The fantastical worlds of both these series are so similar that I fail to see the difference in either of them. Actually, I do not want to see a difference.

Because it seems to me that at any point these are real and true, as with the world of today. Today’s world, in comparison to Mahabharata or even Harry Potter. Could the castes and weaponry have been shelved from the Mahabharata and HP? I doubt it…

I’m asking questions. Anybody care to answer? :)

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