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Friday, March 14, 2014

Reading and Exercising?

This is about something, which has never struck me before, but now that I am reading a lot, I do not find enough time to exercise or the other way around.

But I love exercising and actually need to do both together, so I have enough time at the end of the day.

So, how do I do both together? I read up quite a bit on both these topics and I am glad to say that I have discovered a way in which I can manage to stay fit. Both my body and my brain should go together. How could I do that? I’m talking about casual fitness exercises, of course…

   Well, firstly do your best to not do them together, but if you must, here are a few advantages.        

  • It could save your time, because you could multi task
  • You could try audio books, especially while walking
  •  It could act as an excuse to work out longer; you could walk the extra mile
  • It is preferable to do a light intensity exercise while working out
  • It could also work towards jogging your memory
  • Walking can help clear your mind, so it would mean more mind space while you exercise
  • Also, there are new fitness gadgets which allow you to run and read at the same time, avoiding dizziness and also the bobbing motion
  • Exercises while reading on your computer are quite a few-
  • You could try exercising your hands and fingers
  • You could also exercise your eyes

Let us not forget the main disadvantage of reading while working out-

 'It might just screw your eyes or you have no focus on exercising and you do not concentrate on reading'

Whatever you do, please realise that you must do what is most suitable for you and your body. I have found that exercise can work towards jogging my memory and also increase concentration while reading, but only sometimes. 

So however you do it, remember that both of them are necessary and work towards building your brain power as long as you do not overdo it. Best of luck...

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