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Friday, March 21, 2014

Reading and Sleeping… Can be Good for You!

Reading and sleeping are two of my favourite activities. Nowadays, there are sleep experts who are recommending the two of them, together! Read and sleep! Besides, helping us sleep better, books could help your brain function better, and improve your memory. 

But of course, there is also a thought about how sleep can be disturbed because of the books, a person might read. Supposing you read a thrilling or a stimulating book, (think LOTR or a John Grisham novel) you might be forced to keep awake, either thinking of how it would end or just because you need to turn a page.

You could read a few pages and half an hour later, tell yourself to go to sleep. And actually, sleep. I feel extremely drowsy when I open books at night, therefore I almost always fall asleep.

The best way to sleep is by picking up a book that you had already read. Or maybe pick up a bedtime story in your children’s book. It could help you sleep with soothing thoughts, and you know what you can read to your child, as well!

(Some people feel that they could go to sleep with a text book, so perhaps you could 
try that as well, but don’t do it before exams :))

The best thing about picking up books that you have read before, but still enjoy is that you will not be left thinking about what happens next. Reading has the power to help you slip into another world altogether. For example, try reading Enid Blyton, so you could think of roaming the woods and eating the amazing food, while you sleep.

Reading has many advantages, such as improving your vocabulary, comprehension and giving you the edge, in the mornings.

Also, you might want to read heavy books, (not the subject, of course but something that feels heavy. You should be ready to sleep sooner if you have a heavy book, in hand! ) It helps me!
One other thing, is that no electronic devices before sleeping. The light from the device or even a light above your bed can work towards keeping you up. So, a book along with a bed reading light could be your best bet…

Read a light book or even a magazine because they can help you sleep better and give you the most necessary sweet dreams!! It could calm your mind and allow you to relax. 

So, happy reading and sweetest of dreams!
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