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Friday, June 20, 2014

Blogging... Advantages! Edge!

Blogging is addictive. What started off as a hobby is slowly turning into a full time job. I realise that not only are Indians reading about certain books, but nowadays, I find the trend catching on everywhere too.

This morning, I found Moldova on the list. I was used to seeing India and the US reading up, but nowadays I find newer countries on my page, as well. There are so many times that I have thought of writing about the advantages of blogging. Today, I can claim to have readers from literally, across the world. That is the number one advantage of blogging.

There are so many people out there. I am kind of keeping in touch with some of them, though it may be one-sided.  There are nations, which I have never heard of, and probably would not even know about, if it wasn’t for my blog. There are people I have never heard of, and people I will never hear of in my life, if it wasn’t for this mode of communication.

But, they are making a difference to my life. When I see these nations, I get excited and I feel driven to do some more. Read and write and probably guide too. Though it is in a small way, I still feel that I am doing my bit.

I am also becoming a better writer and really fast at reading. Stuff, which I had ignored before! Also, I am reading up so much more, about everything I put in my blog, words, sentences, and grammar. So, that’s another advantage. Creativity and memory are up too.

I am also learning so much more. Not from what I am supposed to read, but some of which I have to read. Also, I always get to research so much more, something which I enjoyed in the past, but never really pursued. Also, I am able to reach out to so many people, as well.You can advertise too!

Exposure is naturally up. Contact list is up, as well. I get to contact people from all these nations. There are writers, editors and readers, publicity folks, everywhere. 

People across India, US, UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Australia and France have checked out my blog. Should I mention Belgium, Ukraine, Moldova, Chile and China any many more too? Yes, I must because I need to thank them all. Every one of them for reading my blog and reading what I always wanted to say. 

There are so many nations that I want to see, and experience and I guess I am doing it in a small way. People not just in Asia, but in nations in the continents, across the world! I think I do not have a reader from Antarctica, but well, according to Wikipedia there is no human resident who lives there, though of course, there are quite a few people who reside there on research. :)

I hope to travel to at least some of these nations, in the future. For now, I am settling for reading up about them. I apologize if am getting a little sentimental about this. But hey, I love blogging and a big hello to all my readers and here's asking you all to 'Read Up... Folks' @ http://srutis.blogspot.in/

And people, wherever you are from, I would love it if you commented or followed my site, or just liked it, as it would be easier to get in touch with you all. :)

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