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Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review : ‘Quantum Siege' by Brijesh Singh

Mumbai or rather India is under siege, when the prime minister is threatened with a nuclear attack. Lashkar has warned India of this attack, if a referendum is not declared in Kashmir, within the next three days.

Rudra Pratap Singh and his Anti-Terror Cell have to find the bomb and the attackers at breakneck speed. India gets ready to fight with its nuclear weapon and grudgingly it is agreed to by the PM. He communicates this to the Pakistan PM and the two countries get ready to combat each other.

As RP, tries to find the attackers, he also has his wife and unborn child to deal with, and also his love interest to deal with. He has the cops behind him with the top cop, Kant. The race against time, and the attackers, the technical help that he needs at the time and of course, his favourite Zen monks and their stories, which he keeps telling are all parts of this story.

Will RP save India and its millions and will India circumvent the nuclear threat are questions, which the book has answers to.

Personally, I did not like the book. There was no flow in the writing, especially in the dialogue between RP and the bureau chief, Kant and also in the love dialogue between RP and Sana.

Quantum Siege, by Brijesh Singh is a story, which begins, goes through to the rough middle and bumps into the end. I’m not sure if to read this book, I needed to find out more about the cops and their lifestyles, and the terrorist agenda. But this book definitely needs more in terms of language and spacing of its chunks of matter.

Author: Brijesh Singh
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin India
ISBN: 9780143422877
Price: Rs 250/-
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