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Friday, August 29, 2014

Authors and their Writing Styles... Is it different with Age?

I remember when I was a child of barely four, my grandfather used to take me to the neighbourhood park. I do not really remember too much, but he used to talk of old times... his own varied stories and his love story. I used to think that I would one day grow up and write about him. So, this little piece is for him...

I see a lot of writers about the same age as he was at that time. But, these grandfathers all have a whole new trip. They are all storytellers, in their own right. Whether it is Vithal Rajan or Raghu Srinivasan or even RV Raman and Aroon Raman, they all remind me of my grandfather but their stories are so different and have the same touch.

Vithal Rajan had the same sense of nostalgia that it created when I was reading the book, ‘The Legend of Ramulamma’. There is a slight sense of empathy and a little bit of anger when you read the stories. Buy this book here!

On the other hand, Aroon Raman writes with the adrenaline-charged feel that he had towards the book. Though it took him seven odd years to write, and what a historical fantasy it was... All true, it remains with the history and its correct elements at fantasy was this ‘The Treasure of Kafur’. You can buy this book here.

Raghu Srinivasan leads us on a completely different path. He has the ability to drive the reader through the countries and their geographies. The best thing about this book, ‘The Avatari’ is its detailing. It runs into a page turner by the end. You can buy the book here.

RV Raman also starts off with the reader turning pages and pages of ‘Fraudster’ at jet speed. The basic idea is that the author gets to so many topics all at one go. With ease and finesse, he manages to grip the reader. You can buy this book here.

They had the ability to bring in whatever they could to the book making it truly complete. One notices a sense of honesty and a little bit of personality to each of the books. These authors have managed to grip me, alright. 

The best thing about these authors is that though they have all come out in pretty much the same year, they all have the experience and the intricacies, which only their age and their expertise could bring to the novels. 

So, basically I could be writing about authors and their ages, but I have noticed a change in their writing style. I do not know if I could be right, but I do not think that am wrong either. So, nobody take any offence... :) What do you, my readers think?

*If my grandfather were alive, I sometimes wonder if he would have written too. He used to have a diary. And he had quite a book collection. So, happy reading, Folks...
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