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Monday, September 01, 2014

Book Review : ‘Fraudster' by RV Raman

I read ‘Fraudster’ by RV Raman and it was a book to be read.There are three seemingly unrelated murders. One is of a young banker who exposes a financial fraud, the second and third are of two men in the corporate world, with hands in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The hero, I felt of the book was the tomboyish Varsha, who works at a company known as CBS, a global accounting firm. Varsha seems to have gotten into the whole mess, as she seemed to be in the middle of everything, quite by mistake. There is a whole mess of corruption, politicians and scams coupled with murders.

Of course, you have the entire murder mysteries angle, which has us running around looking at obvious clues, without finding out what do with them. You also have certain romantic angles, which die very soon, because this book is only about the scam and the corruption. The author does not let the reader forget that angle.

Gmail was also a strong character. Hackers and servers are all so involved in this book, that it expects you to check your accounts, too! The accounting firm is hacked and the technical part takes over for a while. The plot involves a scam, which had corporate loans, corrupt bank officers and their practices.

The police are also involved in this exciting and fast paced thriller. You have a car chase, a kidnapping and even smartphones, to keep you on the edge.

The author, being an expert in the banking industry helps him in writing this book. His expertise helps him in building the plot and the sharp writing reaches for the end of the story. The only problem was the lack of the parallel stories or reaching the end of these stories. Because he does attempt it, but gives up halfway, I felt.

In spite of that the plot remains true to the story. One does hope for more such gripping thrillers to come our way. So, three cheers for RV Raman. You can catch RV Raman's Interview right here.

Author: RV Raman
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 978-93-5009-800-4
Price: Rs 250/-

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