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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Author Interview: Anthony Horowitz, author of 'Moriarty'

Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Horowitz is a really busy man, you can tell this from his answers. Actually, I was really surprised when he was willing to answer my questions, and here they are.

When he wrote 'Moriarty', he walked all around London and read up enough, to give him sufficient material. To give him his antihero, Moriarty, and a recipe for what seems to be a perfect book. How he comes out with his new novel on James Bond, and even the latest Holmes one remain to be seen. The anticipation might just kill you.

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What does Sherlock Holmes mean to you, that Conan Doyle’s project is being told again?

Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in fiction. He inspired me, when I was only 17. And he still does it, today.

‘Moriarty’. How did you come up with that name, besides the obvious reasons?

‘Moriarty’ was the only title that I considered. It ‘is’ obvious. 

Was any sort of research involved while writing ‘Moriarty’? If so, what was it and how was it sought?

I read about five to six books on ‘Victorian London’. I walked all around the city.

How much of Conan Doyle’s influence has been there in your writing process?

None. More with 'House of Silk'.
What was the most challenging part about writing a series such as this?

Writing in the shadow of Conan Doyle… Writing, as well as him.

What are the most fulfilling parts till now, now that you have managed to release two novels?

The many people, who have told me that they have enjoyed the books.

You write books, also for TV series, film, plays and journalism. How do you manage all of this?

It is difficult. That is why, my answers here are short. I work 10 hours a day.

What is your next book, and when do you see it released?

A book on James Bond, commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate on September 15th.

Charles Dickens
Which books are you currently reading?

Who are your favourite authors and why?

Dickens. He was the greatest writer that ever lived.

What else do you do on a day to day basis?

Walk. Go to cinema and the theatre, meet friends, and eat.

What advice do you have for the young writers of today?

Believe in yourself and never give up.

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