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Friday, February 06, 2015

Speaking vs Writing... which do you prefer?

Speaking vs Writing. We could be doing the same thing, but essentially I like the second one, best of all. I’ve noticed one thing about most of the interviews, I conduct and I notice that writing works wonderfully in this space. 

While I do enjoy speaking, I noticed that it is not every day that I have the patience to continue a conversation. Whereas in writing, I note that I am able to put in my point and stress on whatever I need to. 

While writing I write about everything I need to, plus have the time and energy to do it. Time is also an essential factor in this. When I want to write, I have the time to do it, plus I enjoy it much better too.

While speaking, we always have an audience or a respondent. It usually provokes some kind of a response from the other person. Writing, on the other hand does all this in the future. As in, a person reacts to everything at a future time and space. This could be good or bad, depending on the sort of what is being said.

Sometimes, there are times when we want to react in a certain way, but we cannot due to various external factors. Whereas in writing, we could react to factors, because we have to put in an effort to read, and probably use other factors to understand in case we do not get it at first go.

Concentration remains important on both counts. Both while reading and writing. Because, we want to get what the other person is trying to say. In the case of writing, the other person has more time to understand it better, whereas in speech, the other person is probably not in the same place as one is to what is being said at that moment.

I noticed too in interviews, especially, in author/ editor interviews, that a person has the time and space to answer your questions better. She/he probably understands what is being said, and has the time to write it better, whereas in speech, she/he probably has little or no time to understand the questions and probably explain it better.

Well, I am not saying that I personally like anything better but, while talking, I prefer to chat with friends, while at work I prefer the writing.

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