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Friday, June 12, 2015

Author Interview : Vikrant R Utekar, author of ‘The Shivputra Chronicles : Tripurantaka' (Part 2)

Here is more to this Interview. Here, he explains how the book is different from the usual mythological series, how and why he feels closest to the protagonist, and a little about his next book in 'The Shivputra Chronicles', titled 'Rudra'. Meanwhile you can, You can read up my Review right here and Buy the Book here, as well.

What according to you is different about your book?

Well, unlike many mythological fictions that are based in the past, this is a modern day mythological fiction.

How did you come up with the core idea and develop it? 

As I said earlier, it was owing to the fact that I come from a family of Shiva devouts. Also, and I think you might have guessed this that I'm a huge Rick Riordan fan.

How would you relate the book and its characters to day to day lives?

CK to me, is the man I would want to be. A man, who is not perfect (as only God can be perfect and not man), a man with flaws like you and I. But a man, always striving to be good.

He is someone who is a warrior and wishes for peace. Other characters of the book are based on the people who are near and dear, to me.

Which particular character did you feel most close to? Why?

As I said, CK is and always will be the man I would strive to become.

Could you tell the readers about your past experiences and how it was related to what you wrote?

Well, I come from a very humble background. I was born and bought up in a Chawl in Mumbai. It was only due to the grace of God and the hard work of my father that he became the successful businessman that he is today.

Today, my family wants for nothing, but we still strive to be humble and ever ready to help a fellow man. Hopefully, it shows in my writing as well.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing a book?

Writing a story that you know generations will read and enjoy even long after you are gone from this world.

Vikrant R Utekar
What is the next book that you have planned? When do you see it released?

It is the sequel to this book, "Rudra". It is a work in progress and it will be released sometime before the end of this year.

Who was it that told you that you could become the author, you are today?

I always had good grades in my AS & A levels (11th and 12th grades) English. But it was my father who, after reading some of my creative writing works, suggested I should write a book.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

I like stories that are simple, elemental and yet strong. My favourite authors are JK Rowling and Rick Riordan, although I do enjoy the occasional, Mario Puzo.

Which book are you currently reading?

What do you do on a daily basis?

Well, I am recently married, so I am currently enjoying my married life. I work with my father in the family business as well and also, I focus on my writing.
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