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Monday, June 08, 2015

Book Review : ‘Tempestatem’ by Nishant Muralidharan

Tempestatem’ by Nishant Muralidharan, is an odd book. When I started reading it, I expected something else, but was disappointed. Okay, let me start off by saying that I have read enough Harry Potters and LOTRs, to give me some clue and I know something of mythology, too. (I don’t mean just Indian.)

So, this book starts off with Gale, a 19 year old, of half Indian and half British origin. How and why he disappeared, one night when he was out partying with his friends; all starts off with a phone call. (Kind of like Matrix, wouldn’t you say?)

He finds himself knocking at his doorstep, and his father not noticing him. Neither does his mother. His death is known only to himself; he has ceased to exist for his parents and friends.

So, Gale finds himself commissioned by Aaron Heart, who is one of the Three Swords. And, here it begins. If you did not understand, what just took place, I would not blame you. So, Gale is with Aaron Heart, who is one of the Three Swords and a whole load of mysterious creatures of mythology. And he finds himself in the middle of a war, between these creatures.

So, you have Shade, Lurker, the Observer, Raven, Sean, etc to deal with. Am sorry, if you thought that I am not making too much sense, but this is how I felt during the reading. I did not understand it.

The mythology and war are present and one can understand that a war is taking place. The author’s love for the genre and understanding of mythology is definitely there but, I really hope that the book could have made more sense. Starting off with Gael’s death and whatever happens after, are all parts of the book which have been put together, I felt a little too clumsily.

Honestly, I did not understand why and how he disappeared completely. And his tryst with mythology cannot really be understood. I hope this could have been a better review, because I felt that this book could have been so much more, if the parts in the book were better explained. Am sorry, but with the knowledge of mythology, the plot could have been, so much better.

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