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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another day of Story Telling @ 'Easy Library, Hyderabad'

It wasn’t going to be just any day for me at 'Easy Library, Hyderabad'. Actually, it just wasn’t any ‘day’ for any of the kids, either. The story telling session this time was not about days, but about nights.

The session was known as ‘Good Night Stories’. But, thankfully, none of the kids seemed too sleepy. So, they came in looking all cheerful and I was all set to read ‘Goodnight Moon’, ‘I Won’t Go To Bed’ and ‘Bernstein Bears : In The Dark’.  

The first one, ‘Goodnight Moon’, is a children’s picture book, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. Its main protagonist is a tiny rabbit, who lives in a big green room. He has toys, two of which are a boy and a girl, among the others. He bids everyone and everything in the room and on the outside, a ‘good night’. I liked it probably because it reminded me of a small rabbit, which I had when I was six years old.

The next one was ‘I Won’t Go To Bed’ by Harriet Ziefert with illustrations by Andrea Baruffi. This talks of a slightly older kid who says that he would not go to sleep, that night. The father does not want to argue and retires for the night. So, the book talks of how he doesn’t go to bed, but instead tries to watch TV and have a party, all by himself. There are an owl and a mouse to keep him company. Does he curl up and go to sleep and does his dad help him upstairs to bed?  

The third one was ‘Bernstain Bears : In The Dark’ written by Stan and Jan Berenstain. In this story, Brother Bear and Sister Bear are at the library, picking up books. Sister, who is the younger of the two, picks up storybooks, books on nature and poems, while Brother picks up a mystery book. The brother offers to read the book to his sister, and sister who is bored with her own collection, agrees.

Brother manages to scare the sister with his creepy book, and she cannot sleep at night. So, she turns on the light and keeps everyone awake through the night. Father Bear has an idea for the next night and he puts his plan into action. So, what is the plan and does it become successful and does Sister Bear go to sleep?

I enjoyed telling the stories to the kids. All the stories were good fun, especially the second one, ‘I Won’t Go To Bed’. I liked seeing the kids having fun and I noticed that nobody was yawning :). And all the kids were quite enthusiastic with everybody, quite ready to reply to any questions posed.
The kids seemed to enjoy it, if I could, say that. Wish  us ‘All the best’ for another day’s set of stories, both to me and the kids, who sit around smiling. ‘Much yawning and snoring to all of us’. :)  And then I made my way out, 'yawning' all the way home… 

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