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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Holiday @ Munnar…

Club Mahindra
I recently returned from a holiday in Munnar. Sometimes you have these moments when you do not feel the need to return or to start afresh. But then, there are some other things which do push you to do it all over again. And this Munnar trip was one such wonderful experience. 

We stayed at Club Mahindra’s : Mount Serene Resort. I liked it because firstly it was high up, and I mean really high. The resort, of course was a beautiful thing and you had some adventures, some funny, some not.

Okay, first things first. I really did not think I would like Kerala that much. But we went in a cooler climate, and really did not think that it would be so cold, because we did get there from pretty hot places. Hyderabad, is of course very hot but Bangalore was pretty hot, as well. So, leaving behind these two, we climbed the hills at Munnar, not literally of course. :) 

Up to an Adventure
And though I am not a fan of rains, the Munnar rains sure got me going. I was all set to go for a walk, and check out different places at Munnar. The resort set us up on an adventure, and so there we were, all set to take a jungle safari. The jungle safari was a windy trip, a little full of leeches, and all the ‘just missed’ lines we listened to. ‘You just missed an elephant’ or ‘just missed a cheetah’, was a constant line, we heard on the trip.

We reached the rainy adventure spot, where we were all set to cross the stream with a rope. All three of us, went and quite enjoyed it. After that was our personal photo shoot, that I particular enjoyed. I love seeing greenery all around me, and so we enjoyed the walk in the spice garden.

The spice garden was spicy and a little too slippery for me. I managed to drop a friend’s camera into the stream. Slipping on some rocks, I dropped it, though I saved myself :) Not very proud of the camera dropping though. But thanks to technology, the pictures were safe. The spice garden also had some handmade chocolates, which were quite yummy.  Tired, we got back in. But retired to some great food and drinks. We had some very friendly waiters and a chef too!

Beauty at its  Best
One more very wet day, at the resort, where we all did our own thing. Went to the gym and the spa, and basically spent a very lazy day.

Unfortunately, the rains put a stop to most of walks. The three of us had huge plans to walk around originally,  but nevertheless, it was good fun. 
We had quite an adventure on the ride back, and we spotted a few monkeys and well, ummm… some things are better not said. The point is we had a brilliant time and a few wonderful memories, stored away.
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