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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Author Interview : Kavita Kane, author of ‘Menaka's Choice' (Part 1)

Kavita Kane
Read up, the first part of the Interview with Kavita Kane, author of 'Menaka's Choice'. The book was was a brilliant narration. It held its own, throughout the story. In this Interview, she tells us how the Menaka's characterisation came about, what the kind of research was put into this book, what the challenges were that went into its writing and which her favourite love story was and why, Folks...

Beauty with brains is something, which very few people have thought of for Menaka’s character? How did the characterisation come about and why?

It started with her name. Menaka means – from the mind. Which means a certain intelligence and intellectual brilliance.

Menaka is synonymous with beauty but her cleverness was as fascinating. 

What is the kind of research that has gone into this book?

Enormous. As a marginalised, minor character, there was not much matter on Menaka besides this single episode of seduction with Vishwamitra.  

I had to glean ang flesh out her character through the information from major characters like Indra, Vishwamitra and Urvashi. There was a lot about them

Any challenges you had to face while writing this particular book?

Yes, making both my protagonists more endearing! Both are proud and  selfish but how they learn lessons in humility and compassion was one of the thread running in the narrative.

How would you relate this book and its characters to the lives today? Any similarities?

You see it all the while! The office politics, gender bias, clash of wills, the conflict of privilege and merit, human jealousy and insecurity - it's all around us.

It seems to be mix and match of two love stories. Which was your favourite one and why?

If you are talking about the Vasu-Menaka-Vishwamitra triangle, it was essentially to bring out the contrast between the two men. Also the question if a woman can love two men. She can. 

And more importantly, why is a woman often identified with the men in her life? The ending which some did not like reiterates this aspect

You can Read the Review, right here and Buy the Book, right here, as well.

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