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Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review : 'It will always be you' by Megha Rao

'It will always be you' by Megha Rao starts off in Coimbatore with a young girl, Aditya Mehra and her brother, Amar on a beach. The talk is an odd one, as she is in a way forced to explain to her brother, why she is going away. She is being compelled to go away to Chennai from Coimbatore, to a friend of her father’s. Aditya does not understand why, she can only guess. She thinks it is because she got into a fight after school.

Her brother is not well, and she feels that her parents do not feel that they can take care of both children, and so she leaves blaming them. Her brother is in tears and she feels only, she can take care of him.

In Chennai: Aditya Thevar is a rock star and a teen idol, who has it all. A great voice, looks, and top notch marks at college, as well. And he is very surprised, when he gets home after a tour. He walks in on Aditya in his room. He wants her out, minutes after he meets her. Aditya or perhaps Tiger, as he is better known (and will be so addressed in this review, so as to avoid confusion) is forced to accept the fact that he will have to stay in the guest room.

A fight ensues between himself and Aditya and they seem to have taken a dislike for each other. The two become friendly eventually, and it is in her new found friendship, that she tells him the whole story. Of why he parents sent her away, of her brother’s illness, into her own fight to protect Amar, in the mess he got into over bullying, and finally of the reason she was in Chennai.

Tiger, who genuinely understands her issue then goes ahead to narrate his, own story. Of what drove him to become the rock star, he was today. He is rather impressed with Aditya when he hears of her song writing skills. The two of them get into a huddle with the song writing and singing, when he kisses her. She pushes him away, and rushes to her room. Trying to convince her, he spends some time. But it is not to be. 

And so, another fight ensued, before Aditya was called home. Her brother, Amar was in hospital. And so, with her brother’s death and she returns to Chennai and a little mayhem ensues. The two of them discover each other. Friendships, some love, some song writing, some singing, and the whole thing comes to another end, when she catches him kissing another girl. She is mad and she is back, home with her parents.

Would he get her back? Would she ever discover her own true feelings? And what would happen in the end? The book in itself was rather simplistic. As in, there was always trouble and there were always solutions. There was no point where the story paused. There was more and more trouble to discover, as I read on. I, honestly do not know, how I can judge this book, other than it was a genuine effort. And to say, that there were no errors at all. Read it to understand it and judge it on your own basis…

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