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Monday, January 23, 2017

Book Review : 'Nickerbacher' by Terry John Barto

Read up, ‘Nickerbacher’ by Terry John Barto, Folks… You might have read a few books on dragons, and Princesses and even a rescuing prince, but none like this one. Now, just put them all together and give them all a good shake and you get a dragon, Nickerbacher by name and his father who yells at the poor guy, just because he has a few dreams of his own. 

Then, we chance upon the princess Gwendolyn who likes and cares for the dragon, who looks after her. It is his duty to look after her and his father tells him to do so and not chase after his silly dreams of becoming a comedian.

But Nickerbacher is encouraged by the princess to follow his dreams and he and the princess are working on his jokes, when Prince Happenstance comes into the picture. The prince, who is all set to fight the dragon and rescue the princess, is stopped by the princess. He is told of the problem. So, the three of them set off to La La Land. 

When the three of them get there, we are of course thrown into the colourful pictures of La La Land. The Comedy Castle, run by Johnny Kingston, is the place to be to show off his comedic talent. It would be kind of a weird thing to have a dragon on stage to try on comedy, because nobody had ever heard of it before.

Yet, Gwendolyn manages to convince Kingston by promising to promote the comedy show throughout the city, while the Prince convinces him of having a novelty comedian. Kingston agrees since it would probably boost his ratings.

So, do they manage to get a full house in on ‘The Late Knight Show’? Will Argyle, the leprechaun agree to be the coach? Does Nickerbacher manage to convince his father to let him do the show? And will there be a full house? 

The Griffin, dwarves, Santa Claus, his elves and even a Sphinx and his
Terry John Barto
friends make up a few of the audience. But who else would come and check out the show with jokes, riddles and the goofiness of the dragon?

It encourages kids to follow their dreams and basically, encourages kids to treat everybody the same way. A funny and goofy book which is something, that is different and will definitely get your thinking hats out for sure. The colourful illustrations by Kim Sponaugle, mixed with Barto’s story definitely are a treat.

You can Buy the Book, right here. 

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