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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book Review : 'Skyfire' by Aroon Raman

It has been a while that I h­­­­ave read a thriller, so bring it on. Aroon Raman’s ‘Skyfire’ is a good book, with all the history, mystery, and a roundup of poking and prodding, the bits of love story and intelligence operations, it needs.

Well, I have pretty much given you the basis of the story, but since I have not read, ‘The Shadow Throne’, I guess I am missing out a little bit. Basically, it gives us a journalist, Chandrasekhar, historian, Meenakshi and an intelligence operative, Syed Ali Hassan, to handle it all. 

The story begins in 2012, when there are abnormal weather disruptions across India, diseases caused, child trafficking in the major cities and small kids from slums disappearing, and quite the dash of violence, combined with surreptitious behaviour, all around. 

It begins with the disappearance of a child, ­which Meenakshi and Chandra are handling when, the acid rain also hits them and also with it, the Dharma Foundation, which is taking care of the whole thing. I need to pause now, or I will just end up telling you the whole story.

It is with the arrival of the brother - sister duo of Harshvardhan and Vaishali Dharma that the p­­­­lot takes on a new colour. Harsh is the NGO behind some of the work, which Meenakshi wants to get done. While the Dharmas are enlisted in to help, and a trip to Bhutan is on the cards, and we find ourselves there, the plot digs in deeper.

Making sense of these actions, are the three of them, when you are driven into the dark world of the three nations of India, Pakistan and Bhutan. Of course, one cannot miss the Hindi movie references and it is well, kind of taking it all in. That is a lot of stories, rolled into one.

The story moves on, but with the ultimate twist brought in by Vaishali Dharma, the story plus all its political and administrative twists, and the never ending war of words, between India and Pakistan, we have so much more to be wrapped into this review.

So, the end was well, not too unexpected. But it was Meenakshi Pirzada, who won me over, with her instinctive eye, and a brilliant mind, who solves the mystery, explaining it ever so clearly. Well, I will not give out more though; I think I might just have…

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