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Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Review : 'The Goofies tear down their house' by Amishi Seth

Amishi Seth's ‘The Goofies tear own their house’ was not what I had imagined. The Goofies have plans to renovate their house and the chaos, and what follows is all in here. Firstly, it begins with an introduction to the Goofie family. 

With George, Michelle and their son, Fredrick, who are always in a hurry, there is the plan to redo their house, with of course the handyman, Mr Slow Motion. We have a decent idea of the family and the handyman!! With just their names.

But the Goofies have no patience to wait for him and so, they begin the pulling and pushing of the furniture. And finally decide to get new furniture too! So, off they head to Mr Buttery’s furniture store and while they are picking out the best ones, they are ambushed by Mr Slimy, who runs the only other furniture store, demanding that they pick from his store. Mr Goofie gets so tired of the whole thing that the family walks out of the store.

There are a whole load of thieves who walk in to the town, where the Goofie family lives. Followed by aliens and a whole lot more…

Umm… I must say that was when I started disliking the book. Though of course, the grammar was excellent and so, were the illustrations. But really nothing more… So, if you want to check out the book, please do but am sorry this was not much of a review, because I could not really do justice to the whole thing :(

 You can Buy the Book, right here.
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